Somaliland: President Silaanyo confers with Judiciary commission

SL president His Excellency, Ahmed Mohamed M. Silanyo has today met with Judiciary Commission of Somaliland which took place country’s presidential residence.

The Chief Justice of Somaliland supreme court Hon. Adam Haji Ali, Justice Minister Hon. Hussein Ahmed Aidid and Attorney General Hon. Hasan Ahmed Adan attended the high level meeting with president Silanyo.


The main objective behind the gathering was to enhance the capability of Somaliland’s Justice and judiciary commission which have an important task for the nation.

The mission was to strengthen the power of the justice as being one of the pillars of the nation.

They talked about the best possible way that the public can have a lasting justice and spoke about the venue to prevent any constraints that may hamper the task of giving everyone the right justice.


They also discussed on the way forward for speeding up the execution of the work that the justice and judiciary do for the community.

Chief Justice, Minister of Justice and Attorney General have briefed a report the president on the justice and judiciary commission of Somaliland.

President Ahmed of SL has urged the judiciary commission to serve for the public so that everyone must have equal justice.

VP, Minister of Information, presidential affairs State minister and the specail secretary of Somaliland president were in attendance.