Somaliland: Egal Airport Authorities confiscated 302KG of Smuggled Gemstones

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport officials on Wednesday handed over to their counterparts from Ministry of Energy and Minerals 302 KG of uncut gem stones and minerals stones which were confiscated from smugglers by security officials at Egal airport.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf, the director of operations handed over the assortment of gemstones to the Eng. Ibrahim Shire Mohamed, director general of the minerals department in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals during a brief ceremony held at the Egal international Airport.

The director of operations at Egal international airport speaking during the handing over ceremony said, “The valuable cargo displayed here was confiscated by airport personnel from smugglers using the airport for over the period of two years(2014-2015), the ministry of aviation and ministry of energy and minerals have agreed to jointly coordinated our efforts in order to tackle such issues.
Eng. Ibrahim Shire Mohamed, director general of the minerals department speaking at the event said, “It’s compulsory whether you like it or not for all those who wish take this stones with them abroad to follow the proper procedure and obtain the paperwork from relevant authorities failing to do so anyone caught in possession of such material without the necessary documents to take them out of the country will be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.