Somaliland: Cirro set to embark on formal visit to the US

SL’s Speaker of the house of national assembly as well as the leader of Patriotic party (Wadani)  Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi a.k.a “Cirro” is said to have received a diplomatic invitation from the United Nations.

It is believed that the US has worked to facilitate the visit that the speaker of SL parliament set to embark.

Mr. Cirro is expected to travel to the US in September, 2015 and the plan in place is to boost the diplomatic ties between the UN, US and the parliament speaker.

It is said that they were keeping on watchful eyes on the  peaceful policies that the parliament speaker used to practice.

It is reported that main purpose behind this is to ensure that SL should have a credible and reliable leader that the world can put its faith on.

It is not yet confirmed that if Irro is expected to meet with US senate.

He is due to meet SL diaspora community in the US.