Somaliland: Hon Mikael Torstentensson pays courtesy call to the Chief Justice

The newly appointed Somaliland chief justice Prof. Aden Haji Ali Ahmed today in his chambers received Hon Mikael Torstentensson , the CEO of Swedianvest Scandinavia AB and his wife Elisabeth Torstensson.

The CJ during the press conference termed Hon Mikael Torstentensson , who holds dual Swedish -Somaliland citizenship as a true son of Somaliland and also a Patriot who has sacrificed much.

“I , have before becoming the CJ worked with Hon Mikael Torstentensson on several issues regarding international and our quest for self-determination over the years many years was supportive of Somaliland’s efforts to gain ‪#‎recognition and he is also constantly engaged with the foreign governments and international bodies such as the European Parliament to lobby for Somaliland recognition”, he stated.

Hon Mikael Torstentensson , the CEO of Swedianvest Scandinavia AB , a Swedish –Somaliland citizen speaking during the press conference
Hon Mikael Torstentensson , the CEO of Swedianvest Scandinavia AB , a Swedish –Somaliland citizen speaking during the press conference

Hon Mikael Torstentensson , the CEO of Swedianvest Scandinavia AB , a Swedish –Somaliland citizen speaking during the press conference revealed plans to support and promote Somaliland Judiciary in a bid to enhance the good record of the country on the human rights , justice and good governance.

Mr. Mikael Torstentensson said, “I am proud to be affiliated with the people of this great nation and also Somaliland as country, I first came here 19 years ago and since then it has become my second home where I partly live my family.

“I truly believe Somaliland will be recognized because for the last twenty four years the people of this country have fulfilled all the demands, requirements, and conditions of the International Communities to prove this nation as a stable, peaceful, and a democratic State while depending in our own mean national resources without help from the International Communities”, he stated .

Most people in the world have never heard of Somaliland because much is going in the world you mostly hear about this corner of the world when al-Shabaab Islamic militants, Boko Haram and Islamic state but my mission is to change that perception and also raise awareness on the country which An oases of peace and tranquility in a violate region.

Mr. Mikael Torstentensson further stated, “ in order promote our cause and to convince the International Community we deserve recognition depends how Somaliland on how it embraces democracy, human rights justice and equality , I hope new chief justice Prof. Aden Haji Ali Ahmed shall strengthen justice because it’s the backbone of which the people of this country depend on.

“Somaliland is waiting to share its success story as a bastion of peace, democracy and stability, and to write the next chapter of its history as a booming economy and example of a free nation among other free nations built on full human rights and equality for all”, he said .

Edna Adan
Edna Adan

He added , “Apart from the recent held Somaliland world Congress, I have also in the past organized several events in Sweden to promote Somaliland such as the visit by H.E Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael back in June 2012, the purpose of the visit was to find more Swedish business partners and investors for businesses that can provide jobs in Somaliland and providing alternatives to young people turn to piracy and extreme religious movements. Among other things, there are plans to start industries in order to refine its fishing and agricultural products.

Mr. Mikael Torstentensson added Somaliland football team won a friendly match against the host Sweden yesterday in a football match played in Vrigstad, a locality situated in Sävsjö Municipality, Jönköping County, Sweden. Team Somaliland 1-0 Sweden!

Somaliland won its first international football ever which was broadcasted live on both Somaliland National Television and Swedish TV and about 1000 spectators attending the football match, it was a historical day and we also plan to invite the Swedish team to come here in Somaliland for a friendly match to be played at the Hargeisa national football stadium in the near future.

Mr. Mikael Torstentensson concluded by saying “Somaliland Haa Noolaato”