Somaliland: Sahra Halgan is the latest official to Quit WADDANI

Somaliland famous actor cum singer Sahra Ahmed Mahmoud popularly known as Sahra Halgan in the local music scene is the latest member of WADDANI to quit the party post today this after other top female officials resigned from the opposition political party earlier in the day.

Sahra Halgan in a written statement addressed to the party’s chairman Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah “Cirro” read as follows:-

I, Sahra Ahmed Mahmoud (Sahra Halgan) would like to submit my resignation from the post , i held in the party and also renouncing my party’s membership as of today the 25/07/2015.

I would also like to state that my decision to quit the party is due to personal reasons.


Sahra Halgan joined the WADDANI party in early September 2014.

Earlier in the day, 4 other WADDANI officials quit the party among the Mr. Hassan Ahmed Muse (Hassan goodaad) WADDANI’s shadow secretary for Livestock, Ms. Mushtaq Ibrahim , WADDANI’s shadow secretary for Justice party’s national women spokesperson Ms. Amal Yusuf Abdi and Ms. Amina Jirde Farah , head of WADDANI mobilization, they all renounced party membership.


Mr. Hassan Ahmed Muse (Hassan goodaad) speaking on behalf of the disfranchised WADDANI’s officials said, “Our decision to quit the party was prompted by the disappointment on the part of the party’s leadership to take decisive actions in regard to Somaliland government failure to honor the deal reached by the government and opposition political organizations meant to resolve and find a solution on the outstanding issues on the timeline of the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary.