Kenya: Talks collapse in Nairobi between Somaliland civil aviation and Somali counterpart

A meeting underway in Nairobi, Kenya collapsed after the delegations from Somaliland and Somalia over air space control have failed to reach a common understanding of the issues discussed during the meeting.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was in attendance at the talks to mediate the delegates from the two sides.

SL delegations headed by the Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry Hon. Omar Abdilahi Adam and Adviser to the Civil Aviation Ministry, Ahmed Ago Dablo insisted that the agreements signed in Turkey during the Somalia/Somaliland talks be implemented.

The agreement stated that the air space should be managed in Hargeisa and that the revenues be shared equally.

The delegation on behalf of Somali Federal Government could not believe the stance taken b Somaliland delegation which finally led to the collapse of the talks between the two sides.

The bone of contention is once SL delegates were adamant that Somalia must honor the accord signed in Turkey which stipulated that Hargeisa reserves the right to manage Somali’s air space control.

Somaliland initiated to hold talks with Somalia (Italiana) to decide the future bilateral ties between Somaliland/Somalia.

Somaliland met with Somalia on number of venues but the agreements reached were always violated or breached by Somali government officials.

Somaliland is a broke away state that seceded from Somalia in 1991 but it has not been officially recognized as an independent state.