Somaliland: National Planning Minister Inspects Development Projects in Burao

Somaliland Minister of National Planning and Rural Development Hon Sacad Ali Shire this week inspected development projects in Burao, Togdheer region.

The Minister of National Planning accompanied by top officials IWAADA inspected the various development projects initiated by the local nonprofit organization which is known for providing assistance to local farmers through financial and technology knowhow so as to increase local crop productions both for small scale farmers and large scale farmers in the country

Briefing the Minister of National Planning, Sheik Aden Hassan Said, the chairman of IWAADA on the achievements of the nonprofit organization said, “The initiative which began three years ago aimed at a boosting agricultural empowerment in the region and our first project to be implemented by our organization was the sinking of a fresh water borehole which supplied fresh water to people living in 40KM radius where the farms are located.

Our second project involved the supplying and planting of at 3,000 Guava, oranges and grapes trees as well as edible vegetables not to Napier grass to feed the livestock.

[quote]Dr. Sacad Ali Shire speaking during the inspection tour said, “I would like to use this opportunity to laud IWAADA for a work well done, I would also like to advise business heavy weights in the country to seize this existing opportunity in agriculture by investing in such farms instead of always depending on imported food from abroad; This land for instance, before this project nobody thought it would be useable but with the joint efforts of IWAADA and local farmers the outcome of these projects is money that had been used for importing essential food stables could be utilized for other developmental projects.[/quote]