Somaliland: KULMIYE accuses UCID and WADANI of reneging on pact

[quote]”The government and Kulmiye are true to their part of bagain, says Jama Shabeel”[/quote]

The KULMIYE central committee chairman Jama Ismael Egge popularly known as Jama-shabeel has accused both official opposition parties of Wadani and UCID as having reneged on their elections agreement with the party and the Government.

Through a telephone conversation on Friday evening with our sister paper Dawan, Jama-shabeel reiterated the fact that as concerns the re-scheduled Dec 16th 2016 election date both the government and the ruling party were committed to adhering to it and that nothing has since changed at all.

He said that his party was true to its side of the bargain of the pact.

[quote]“We had reached an agreement and that was it; whoever thinks otherwise it their own burden”, said Jama Shabel quite categorically.[/quote]

He elaborated further, “as for the Guurti (upper House) decision, it was constitutional and it was upon us all to circumvent it (politically) and execute the decisions agreed upon in the pact hence we (KULMIYE) are ready for the collective responsibility”.

[quote]He went further, “For the other parties to refuse the responsibility it is thereby seen as tantamount to reneging on the whole agreement altogether”.[/quote]

When asked on whether a new wave of disagreement on the election date issue has set in, Jama Shabel quipped, “Dialogue across the parties was initiated before and an accord was struck that bounded us all to execute it,” and added, “There’s no more reason of talks on our part for there in nothing further to ponder about”.

On the other hand the central committee chairman lambasted the National Consultative Forum (NCF) members as people without self-confidence following reports that they (NCF) had expressed to the UK complaints about senior national officials.

[quote]“Petty talks have no sense”, he said.[/quote]

“Those saying that they have accused SL to the UK should note that such move would no effect at all here; by the way has the UK recognized SL?”, he posed.

He said that such people had no confidence for lack of local support.

“KULMIYE is confident and sure that it would win an election for the populace are with it”, beamed Jama-shabeel.