Somaliland: UN envoy expresses deep concern at postponement of Somaliland elections

United Nations Special Representative to Somalia Ambassador Nicholas Kay has expressed ‘deep’ disappointment by the decision to postpone the self-declared state of Somaliland elections, which had been scheduled to be held in July.

Mr Kay called for a ‘’reconsideration’’ on the decision on a tweet message he made on Wednesday.

‘’Deeply concerned by move to postpone Somaliland elections by 22 months. Urge reconsideration. Time to set a positive example for democracy,’’ he said on his twitter account.

Earlier this week, Somaliland’s house of elders moved to extend a further 22 months for the current President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo. The decision led to fierce demonstrations across the region that cost human lives.

Opposition groups disapproved the decision and called for elections to be held as scheduled.

In 1991, after the overthrow of Somalia’s military leader Siad Barre, the northern territory of Somaliland declared independence, but has not been recognized by the International community.