SOMALILAND: Beware of Soft Drinks with Haram Substances

By Abdulkadir Mohamed arreye

Dear brothers And Sisters, Please be careful of what you eat & Drink .And Avoid From what you can. May Allah Bless You All.

Somaliland government did not  actively involved in the protection of our Community as well as other communities who may be consuming food with additives, emulsifiers and stabilizer that may be harmful to their health.

E- means EC (European communities) and E-Numbers are assigned to various food additives. Some E-Numbers are banned in some countries. In UK Numbers without E prefix are allowed but may not be allowed in other country. We are getting lot of e-mails from our Muslims brother and sisters inquiring about Halal status of E-Numbers, so we decided to add to our web site. E-Numbers are divided into the following categories:

As in many Muslim world you can get some drinks that is haaram in Islam but the community in that state did have opinion because in their education they don’t have any government that can control any things about food in Somaliland. Our country have no any medical la  people have suffering health problem like cancer and mental sickness caused by comonications towers in the city. You are digging your grave with your fiction            You are destroying your own health, and the health of your kids and you are paying for it out of ignorance!
Food industry is cheating you of your health, your beauty and your money, and you don’t even know it!
The soft drinks industry is even worse!  It is illegal in Europe and in most of the world to declare the ingredients on the soma  of their drinks  labels!
Commonly sold, relatively cheap “grape” wine often contains 5-10 toxic food additives, and is mostly produced from water, sugar and additives,        while you naively believe you are drinking fermented grape juice!

I am going to list you here


The following ingredients are considered as Haram:

E 120: Cochineal (red color from insects) according to Hanafi Muzhab

E 441: Gelatin , if it is from pig

E 542: Edible Bone Phosphate if it is from pork bones integerated which you can get any where in hargeisa so



Hidden ingredients: We have no knowledge of different food laws in different countries regarding hidden processing aid ingredients which may be Haram.

Abdulkadir Mohamed arreye

Somaliland Think Tank

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