Somaliland: Open Letter to Somaliland Media and Websites

What’s The Intent of Borama News?
Hypocrisy comes in all forms but to be unethical in ones profession is highly improper. As an organization, Somaliland American Guild, for the past 15 years, has encouraged all institutions in Somaliland to be highly ethical in nature and transparent in appearance. If Media outlets try to hold high standards to everyone else why should the Media be the exception?
Most of the websites covering Somaliland try to be fair but given Borama News’s latest attempts to cover current affairs in Somaliland, their journalistic integrity must truly be questioned. What’s Borama News’ objective when it asserts “Hargeysa inta aan Loo Aqoonsan Dal Madaxbanaan Ya Ku Haysta Inay Tahay Xarunta Qabyaalada Soomalida?”. What is Borama News trying to achieve? Is it trying to advance a dialogue and a start a real conversation in order to overcome and heal what ails our society?
Or is it another propaganda tool that’s willing to write anything to attract readers to its website? And is it fair to the Qabiil highlighted in this Borama News piece that they be portrayed as the architects or pioneers of “qabyaalad” in Somaliland or “Dhulkqa Soomalida” as the story puts it? No single ‘qabiil’ deserves that burden placed on them and Borama news should be more aware its adding to the animosity and antagonism that exists.
Borama news missed a great opportunity to examine in depth the true qabyaalad that exists and help the people start a conversation that helps to heal. It missed an opportunity to educate and bring to light a taboo subject that only exists behind walls. This kind of reporting does nothing but to distance people from one another. Taking the easy way out is always the wrong approach.
We would seriously urge all websites to re-examine their objectives and ask themselves what do they hope to contribute to their society? The point of this letter isn’t to deter the true news websites from reporting news. Quiet the contrary, report the news but also take the opportunity to educate and start a dialogue when the opportunity presents itself. This was a real test-case and Borama News failed.
Somaliland American Guild will continue monitoring for ethical violations in all Somaliland institutions.
Mohammed A. A. Baranbaro
Somaliland American Guild