Somaliland: Local Politicians to Receive Good Governance Training in Ethiopia

A high level Somaliland delegation led by the speaker of the national assembly Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah “Irro” and which including 20 members of parliament government officials and several civil servants flew out of the country headed to neighboring Ethiopia to attend a good governance course which aims to broaden and strengthen political participation and accountability, to foster more pluralistic, fair, responsive, and representative political leadership in the country.

Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah “Irro” speaking to the press moments before boarding the plane to Ethiopia said, “I and my fellow colleagues are headed to Addis Abba, Ethiopia to attend a good governance course which will equip us with the needed skills to strengthen democratic accountability and what we hope whatever shall learn there  shall be critical to the country’s long-term stability and future prosperity.

“The proposed course provides us with a package of strategic goals of democratization and good governance, and how to promote them in crisis situations”, he added.

The Speaker also revealed that he plans to meet with top Ethiopian government officials and AU officials in a bid to discuss the issue of Somaliland recognition during his stay in Ethiopia.

Enhancing of democracy and good governance in any nation requires not only institutional capacity and competent personnel, but also knowledge and understanding of the roles of public government and those of civil society.