Somaliland: Hargeisa, the Umbilical Cord of Somali Culture and Literature

By Yusuf Deyr

A winter thunder is rich man’s food, and a poor man’s hunger.  Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Beauty starts with a good letter of introduction.   Hargeisa is the umbilical – Cord of Somali Culture and literature.  The city and the capital of all Somalilanders.  The cradle of peace and love. The master and the nursery of all Arts and Fun.  The Holy – Temple of the Somali literature and the grassroots and the common dominator of the Somali Culture.  It  has a claim to fame to  all kinds of music, art, and fun, from Rap to Blues (  From Siinley and Deeley to Qaraami  ).   Expressed in lyrics of silky prose and verses, that has been drawn with well decorated charming irony and analogy.

Impressive, honest, and genuine feelings of a touch of a true love, patriotism,  to express sadness, stress or depression,  mourning or condolence engraved deeply on our memory. That are related and pictured to all spectrums of life.  From politics, life,  nature, birth and death.   A suitable environment  and a platform that urges and ushers  all poets and composers to sing and dance.  A bottle – milk that feeds all famous poets and composers of our own Shakespeareans that matches William Shakespeare of England.

The Umbilical – cord structure of blood vessels that attaches the Somali – Literature’s Fetus to Placenta.  Hargeisa serves and acts as the same function in between the poets, composers, and the literature basket – bread that feeds all poets and composers.   The Cairo Of the Somali music  that act as a feeding pipe of literature to the minds of poets and composers regardless to their ethnic background, and birth place.

The Town of Sport’s Champions; and a fertile soil for raising  Knights and Heroes,  with a noble mission to defend.  Like my favorite Heroes  Mr. Six, and Gariye the Great.  Somaliland had two men; one is dead, and the other is unborn yet.  The Capital where many tales and legends of bravery are being told.  You are free to mention their names.   You are free to say!   The Icon and the Foundation -Stone of the Somali unity and Nationalism, liberation;  and cradle of peace and freedom.

To give you a good example of the exceptions of Hargeisa .   Bear in mind that, it is the first and the only Town in whole Somalia that elected members of Parliament that are not related to, or born in Hargeisa; and turned it’s back to MPS that born and bred in Hargeisa.  It is one of it’s rare privileges that it excels all other towns in Somalia.   If you deny it, look up at the stars and count the Starlight, and tell how much there, my dummy mentor.  There is no a denial that it is the Champion of almost, of any cause.  It is the only place that you can chat with anybody without knowing his name.  The home of the sharing and caring community.

A pristine grave – yard  and enshrine – place that worship a true Allah.  The last Shelter and the cemetery of Saints, and Monks seen as tombs erected over their burial place.   With their blessings we endowed with a divine favor and protection from the Great Allah.  Hargeisa is the Town of the Holy Ghosts and the triumph of the Somali Spirit and Nationalism.  Our own Beverly Hills and a pretty spot in a rainy season.  The rainbow of the Horn of Africa, that believes in, only and only, in one True Allah.  Our hearts never contradict with our tongues, like  the Demons and Devil Spirits in Mogadishu, that swallows their words and their tongues.   Dear reader,  Real Heroes don’t need, Heroes to worship.

Hargeisa, is the holy city of Punt – land  with mixed – farms of fruits and vegetables with fragrant breeze, growing along the banks of that big valley that used to divide the town in to two sectors.  The north and the south sector of Hargeisa. That blessed valley which embraces all my childhood sweet flavor memories; has been salted by the late vampire, and now has no a Hero to defend it.  The town of meat and milk, and the people with the generous ( O + ); and with the ever smiling and cheering faces.

Where you are entitled to join a social event party without being invited, and yet nobody will ask your name, until you annoy or irritate somebody. It is so simple to be an idealist reformer in a World of utopia, or perfection.   Above that, we are favored by the nature, with beauty – queen girls that have glow in their cheeks.   Hot and have flushed with romance and platonic – love or friendship , intimate and affectionate but not sexual attachment.

That town with the sleeping beauty of slim and tall girls with the bushy eyes – brows, and romantic, magic – eyes.  Silky long legs, and a golden dimple depression on their rosy cheeks when they smile.  A unique charming beauty with unique tone and strokes of good jokes that speak and understand all hearts – languages.  Second to none a Burao – beauty – ageant. That mere mention of the name Hargeisa, you will resurrect a friendly people with the friendly weather, all year round; during the four  seasons of the year.   To get a testimonial witness, just simply visit a WADANI Party one night ceremony show.  Where people open their doors, wallets, and hearts for those who need help.  The name fits because of the people who live there.  The hallmark of the Somali hospitality and courtesy.  People with God fearing tender – heart. When crisis strikes there, people pull together and stick together.  Voluntarily, willing to help others for the love of good God.

Those charming people with the wide smile and generous blood. You can never predict these people until you see them, when catastrophe strikes.  As Somalilaanders, it is wonderful how we settle our dispute and tolerance to each other, is an exceptional to all other Somalis.   Because of the unique and different culture to all the other Somalis ethnic groups.

Dear reader, if you challenge my statement; simply, settle your own local difference and reach a peaceful settlement.  Just indulge and enjoy the harmony of peace and stability like we do .  If not, just look up the sky and bite your elbow. When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be a polite.  Also, a toupee is another name for a top – secret.

The ancient Holy Mecca of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt where you can find out up to now; the traces of the Egyptology of the Pharaohs.     Some of the current new generation of the Somalis may get confused to see the  name ( Punt – land ) claimed by the Majertania Region.   Dear reader, no wonder, it is their manner – born to forge everything of a glimmer  of hope.   Simply you can use the Lie – Detector by checking their old School Syllabus of History in their schools before our unity with them.   You will figure out the true name in the old colonial history maps; where the name ( Put – land ), was given to Somaliland Protectorate.   The name was donated originally to the area in between Elaayo to Zaila.  Which is located in the old history-Maps of Somaliland Protectorate.   But the Harti ethnic group of Somaliland introduced the name to the other Harti group in Majertania.

Yusuf Deyr,

freelance writer,