Kenya: ‘Journey of Faith’ Islamic Conference in Nairobi

After a successful event last year, the second annual Journey of Faith Africa Islamic conference started on Saturday and ends today. Several scholars from Canada, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia are in attendance.

The main speakers include Sheikh Said Rageah (Canada), Sheikh Abduraheem Mccarthy (Ireland), Sheikh Yahya Abu Sumayah (Canada), Sheikh Abdurrahman Qahtani (Saudi Arabia), Sheikh Wasim Kempson (England), Sheikh Yusha Evans (USA), Sheikh Adil Al Kalbani (Saudi Arabia), poet Boona Mohamed (Canada), Prof Awadh Binhazim and Sheikh Abdulkadir Ambe (UK).

 In attendance were Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed, Lands and Urban Development PS Mariam El Maawy, Supkem secretary general Adan Wachu and lawyer Ibrahim Lithome.

Source: All Africa