Somalia:QC sponsors 10,000 people in Somalia

Qatar Charity (QC) has held a special ceremony to mark the sponsorship of 10,000 people in Somalia.
The sponsorships include orphans, poor families, people with special needs, preachers and teachers, and come within the framework of comprehensive care adopted by the Somalia office, which prioritises support for the most vulnerable groups in society, according to a statement.

The ceremony was attended by a large gathering and Dr Ali Sheikh Ahmed Abu Bakr, president of Mogadishu University.

Mohamed Hussein Omar, director of QC Somalia, also discussed the importance of the programme and its role in the giving joy to those in need.

He added that sponsorship is one of the most important pillars of QC’s work in supporting social and economic development.

QC provides material and moral support for the sponsored, helping them improve their material circumstances and enabling them to earn a living by providing support in addition to the monthly sponsorship.

There have also been projects in the areas of education and health and the construction of mosques, benefiting tens of thousands of Somalis across the country. Construction projects in Puntland included the rehabilitation of health centres at an estimated cost of QR292,000.

QC has also established nine mosques and eight centres for the memorisation of the Qur’an in three regions in northern Somalia (Somaliland), three mosques in Sahel, three in Burao and one in Odl, in addition to two mosques in the regions of Hiran and Benadir and eight centres for memorising the Qur’an in Hiran and Banadir in the city of Hargeisa, benefiting thousands of Somalis.

QC’s Somalia office also distributed sewing machines in the city of Mogadishu and Hargeisa in