SOMALILAND: Siilanyo’s Application to Join the Exclusive Club

From:  President Siilanyo
To: Chairman of the Guurti
Subject: Siilanyo’s Application to join the exclusive club
Acknowledgement: Mr. President your application received and your request is heard loud and clear and will be favorably considered
March 28, 2015

The above correspondence reflects the speech of the President delivered in the houses of Congress in Hargeisa in March 27-2015.
Constitutionally, universally and in the normal circumstances Presidents elected or not even elected are responsible of all the activities of the government and what happens during their tenure.
President Siilanyo declared in his speech before the houses of congress that he is not responsible of the delay(which deliberately planned to happen that way) of the Presidential and Parliamentary election which is due in June 26-2015!!
Is there another President other than him? The answer is he is the only one the people elected for this job as President of Somaliland to the best of our knowledge. The President must be aware that ‘the buck stops at his desk’ he and he alone is responsible for holding all elections during his tenure on their times under normal circumstances. Presidents do not ‘chary-pick’ their duties.

“The seeds of the destruction of states are sown deep within their leaders and political institutions. States fail when they are consumed by corruption with out bounds, injustice, incompetent officials, internal squabble, conflicts and violence. Such governments lose credibility. People don’t trust the government and the government does not trust her people. In such situation the continuing nature of the state itself becomes questionable and illegitimate and not valid in the hearts and minds of its citizens.” In the hearts and minds of Somaliland citizens the continuing nature of Siialnyo’s administration became questionable and will soon be illegitimate after June 26, 2015. The two houses of congress are already illegitimate for their terms in office were expired long time ago. The President is heading there and is going to join the‘doe’ the parliament and the Guurti!! Together the ‘Trio’ will beillegitimates bodies who are not accountable to the people any more but to their own interests instead.


“When governments are collapsing, the process of disintegration of a failed government damages institutions and destroys the underlying understandings between the government and the people.” This is true in Siilanyo administration where there is a distance between the people and the government. Unconscionable elements deceive the people and get their way into power in some fashion or the other. Deceptive leaders reject to relinquish power even when their capacity is diminishing, even when they are too sick to execute their duties and even when the country is slipping into disintegration, chaos and civil unrest.
When you do evil by not respecting the constitution and not listening your people and not learning your mistakes you then allow evil to occur. Somaliland leadership does it and let it occur. This is what is happening in Somaliland!


Chairman Suleiman Gaal is ready for his stamp to de-legitimize the executive branch as Suleiman himself chairs an illegitimate body its term of office expired long time again. The executive is pleased to be there with his twin brothers the ‘Guurti and the Parliament’ which are already ill-legitimate for so long, after June 26-2015.

The stamp of Chairman S. Gaal will allow Mr.Siilanyo to join the club of the illegitimate bodies which are accountable to NO One! This exclusive club will in its nature render Somaliland to a chaos and the laughing stock of the world but it seems that they don’t care a bit about this!

Chairman Suleiman may help his cousin by his (illegitimate) stamp of approval to stay beyond his term in office even when this defies the constitution of the state. The question is-how far can this sustain?

The chairman seemed sticking on the script of the exclusive tribal gathering in “Garadag” which he pledged that he will support his cousin in all situations. The question not thought much of was that when Mr. Suleiman executes the tribal recommendation he forfeits the holy and prophetic command which says,” Support your brother when he is wrong by telling him that he is wrong and thus stop him to cause harm” Suleiman is not following what our Prophet commanded us to do, therefore in this situation Satan, greed and the clan led-mentality seems prevailing. When things happen this way, expect nothing good coming from it.
In Somalia, Siyad Bare emphatically said, “If you kick me out so Somalia will go with me” this means no more Somalia after me. What is Siilanyo saying regarding Somaliland at this juncture of history?!

Late Egale of Somaliland was attributed that he said,” Somaliland people are simpletons and I don’t want to take advantage of their situation. Some one else will come after me and will take advantage of them” well, that is not so accurate. Late Egale himself took advantage of the people he called them simpletons so many times in so many ways but after all President Egale established the institutions President Siilanyo is undoing them. Siialnyo may be the one President Egale prophesied. (Portions of this article are borrowed from- “Why states fail, how they fail and who fails them from the same author Ibrahim M Mead)

After June 26-2015 let us all sing this: “We the ‘trio’ are laughing at those (Somaliland  people) simpletons who believed everything they hear and who allow them selves to be caught so easily in the traps set for them. Together we are the ‘Trio’ and together we are the power.”


However peace and prayers
Ibrahim M Mead
Executive Director
Somaliland Watch
Ottawa, Canada