SOMALILAND: Dying Democracy in Horn of Africa

By Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 following a period of civil war and the collapse of Somalia’s government. Although the country remains internationally unrecognized, it has established a working democracy, government institutions, a police force and its own currency, becoming a beacon of peace in a volatile region.  If the international community will not respect that democracy it will become soon dyeing democracy.

With the voting system in the country only in its infancy, and with just a handful of presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections under their belt, the electorates are still finding their feet when it comes to polling day.

We Somaliland people did what we can and build that state.

Without any international help we can survive and stand if any country did not recognize us

We Somalilanders blame the international community for being passive and ignorant. Somaliland has been existing for the past 25 years with little help not worth commenting on from the entire world.

We somalilanders are blaming the whole free world for ignoring the progress of democracy dying in the horn of Africa we decided to depend our nation people

We still looking for beter days

Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye 

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