Canada:Imam wants more CPS engagement with Somali community

A local Somali Imam is pleading for better relations between his community and the police.

The body of Mohameddek Ali Mohamud was found Wednesday morning at Canada Olympic Park, the third such death of a young Somali-Calgarian this year.

Imam Abdi Hersy says he doesn’t know what to do, but trust needs to improve between his community and the Calgary Police.

Hersy says that he believes that the “fear of police” perspective was something that his community picked up from Canadians. He says that these kids are more Canadian that Somali, and wonders why the media focus is always on the fact that these young men are of Somali-decent. The Imam adds that “black people” in this part of the world don’t trust the police, which has rubbed up against their youth.

The death of Mohamud is being investigated as a homicide.