Somalia: As Somali president visits town, regional election’s location standoff reigns

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The upcoming central Somalia election standoff seems to be a big headache for Somali president who had to travel to central Somalia to end a deadlock on the election’s venue.

The committee tasked with the election has this week decided to shift the location from Adado to Dhusomareb, a move that sparked an outrage from certain clans.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has arrived in Dhusomareb town two days ago, holding talks with local elders who insisted holding the election in their town rather than Adado which was the place earlier planned for the election.

The dispute is yet another challenge facing the president whose government is trying to adopt the federalism system that allows the formation of regional administrations in the country long polarized by the clannish system.

No agreement has so far been reached, forcing the president to intervene the matter.

Elders from Adado town have expressed dismay at the committee’s decision of moving the location for the election.

The regional election with several candidates running for the region’s president portfolio is a big test for the Somali government which is trying to adopt the federalism system across the country.

No date has been set for the election for the Central region, however, candidates are making their final campaigns to woo voters. It’s too early to know the leading candidates running for the election which
will probably see a tough contest.

Source: HOL