Somaliland Watch Group Supports Madasha and the Opposition Parties’ Call for the Salvation of Somaliland

From:  Somaliland Watch Group

Ottawa, Canada

Date: March 5, 2015


Subject: Somaliland Watch Group Supports Madasha and the Opposition Parties’ call for the Salvation of Somaliland

The state of Somaliland Republic

Siilanyo and his administration lost the sense of national mission from the beginning!

Somaliland is rolling into abyss. She has been reduced into a source of income for the illegitimate two houses of congress and soon will be illegitimate executive branch and their crowns. Together the three branches of government are not accountable to any one except to their financial interest and how they can renew for each other as long as they want and as long as the people do not react.

Somaliland is not only edging to but it is descending in to chaos. Somaliland of to day may be unfortunately characterized as the land of ‘cuckoos’ and ‘wackos!’ We are witnessing that some government operatives and cabals took the country into clan feuding situation. The government operatives even bully the people and brag that no one can dare to challenge them for they have the gun and the dollar. All these are happening simply because the term of the government in office is nearing to expire (June,26-2015) and the people believe that Siilanyo’s administration do not want to go away neither do they want to run for office in a fair and free election on its designated time. They just want to stay there! The people are anxious that the President wants to join ‘the exclusive club of the illegitimate’ that is the houses of congress. The Guurti and the house of the representatives are illegitimate as their terms of office had expired twenty years ago and ten years ago respectively and yet they collect the highest salaries in the country and they want the executive to join the club. The executive seems willing to do so happily!
SWG is calling the president and his cousin Chairman Suileman to take the mantle and bring back the country to sanity. The President must not join the exclusive club mentioned above. He either runs for office, in a free and fair election or leave.

Foreign Policy

The failed policy of Siilanyo’a administration did not only dimmed the hopes and aspirations of the people of Somaliland but also precipitated the marginalization and virtual ethnic cleansing of our people in ex-“Houd and Reserved Areas” south of the border in the hands of a clanistic regime with a plan to ‘displace-and- replace,’ A policy run by the Ogaden jingoist rulers of the Somali state of Ethiopia. This is reminiscent to Siyad Bare’s “Displace and Replace” policy in Somaliland. This is happening with or with out the blessing of Addis Ababa. This unexpected and unfortunate problem is testimonial to how Siilanyo’s administration destroyed the exemplary relationship Somaliland had with the Federal Ethiopia. When all these are happening in front of our eyes and a Siilanyo Minister told the people that Somaliland and Ethiopian relationship is sound; it is a world apart. Some one is out of it here and it is not us!
In Turkey gatherings Somalia negotiators played every trick in the book like: deflect, delay, discount, deceive, divide, dulcify, and destroy and the rest of it in their tactics in Turkey and even in Djibouti. What are all these moves and tactics mean? It means that you must recognize your opponent’s tactics. You need to have some way of recognizing their tactics thus responding to it Siilanyo’s people failed to do that.
Somalia negotiators dared to say ‘Somaliland claims and proposed solutions are invalid’. Somalia delegates minimized the importance of the negotiations in so many ways Somalia negotiators Deceived Somaliland delegates deliberately tried to make Somaliland group feel like they are taking meaningful action, when they in fact have not; they may never have had any real intention to consider Somaliland issues.

Were Siilanyo’s delegates up to the job? The answer lies in what Somaliland delegation to Turkey did. They wavered and dropped the ball on the genocide/ethnic cleansing issues which Somaliland suffered alone under Mogadishu regime of Siyad Barre from1978-1991. Appallingly, intransigently Mogadishu delegates denied that fact and that history as expected but unexpectedly the Siilanyo delegation agreed even though the disputed that later.
The Mogadishu delegation is the inheritors of the perpetrators of the genocide in Somaliland! Giving away value too easily too early signaled Mogadishu delegates that Somaliland delegates had no backbone and they ran over them. In Turkey Somaliland negotiators gave away the most value too easily too early and they were run over. They did not confess their alarming mistake. They scandalously argued that they did not do any wrong, even if they did it!!

Great leaders learn more from their opponents then from their ‘Guulwadayaal

‘Cabalas and sycophants push those who embrace them as well as the country to a ditch. Conscionable people show the blind leader where the danger lies.

The President and the chairman better consider other advices then currently available to them and doing so will put them in a win- win situation for them and for the country.

By the way, doing that is not weakness, it is strength. When a leader is wise he doesn’t simply disregard the opponents’ point of view, he embraces them even if he perceives that it is hurting his ego. Real leaders pray never to be left with out opponents for they keep him on track, on the right path, on the path of reason and rationale.

Lack of self awareness is the problem of the government and the two houses of congress in Somaliland. The ‘trio’ put Somaliland the sham and the sorrow situation she is in



The onus is on Siilanyo and Suleiman by virtue of being the President and the chair of the (expired) Guurti to salvage the Republic by holding elections on its time, or get out of the way. It will be up to the Somaliland people to do the job. It is up to the Opposition Parties and the Civic Organizations like Madasha, Somaliland Watch Group, Somaliland cultural elders and others to fill the void and form a provisional government

The President and the chairman of the (expired) Guurti by virtue of holding the two highest positions in the Republic as President and the Chairman of the house of elders can safe or destroy Somaliland Republic.

1- If they respect and follow the constitution with out interference and with out manipulations, then they can safe Somaliland in that way.

2- If the President follow the law of the land and the constitution of the Republic and leave office peacefully when his terms ends in June 26, 2015, in that way he can safe the Republic.

3- If the President and the Chairman respectably respond to the call of the national conscience and the will of the people, Somaliland will be safe.

4- On the contrary if they ignore the call and the frustration of the people and manipulate the constitution and disregard the people then they can dismantle the Republic, because when the law is manipulated and the administration overlooks the reaction of the people chaos will take over the highest offices of the land–God forbid and the two cousins will be responsible for that, here and hereafter.


The prophet of Allah and his followers were sitting in a place and a procession of funeral passed them by. The followers speaking of the deceased said, “Some thing to the effect of “let him go a way, he was a bad man” the prophet said, (wajabat calayhi) “he deserved it.” Another day another funeral procession passed them by and the followers said of the deceased “Oh, he was a good man” the Prophet said, “He deserved it” the followers asked the prophet why he said he deserved it for both of the deceased? The prophet told the followers that that the first one whom the followers said of him that he was a bad man will rest in Hellfire where by the later will rest in paradise. I am hoping for our leaders that the do not become the former who took his dwelling in Hellfire but instead become the later who went to paradise, however it is not of my hoping for them this or that,  it is what they do and what they do not do.

SWG is calling both the President and the chairman to safe Somaliland and hold a fair and free election on time otherwise get out of the way for a provisional government which will hold election for Somaliland


Allah advices his servants that they be righteous and justly and said this in Alancaam, v-152,153, “When ever you speak, speak justly and fulfill the covenant of Allah.
(ibn Ashour in his al-Tahrir al-Tanwir explains that fulfilling Allah’s covenant is fulfilling that which He has made obligatory upon us of the noble sacred law; it can also include those acts we enjoin upon ourselves for the sake of Allah, such as Oaths and Vows. It is the contract you entered with Allah and vowed under oath.” It is the contract our leaders entered with the people of Somaliland, that they protect and safeguard the laws and interest of the Somaliland people who trusted them and put them there. Mr. Siilanyo and Mr. Suleiman fulfill that trust and give the people a vote on its time
In short it is upholding the commands of Allah and His Messenger as above mentioned here in this context inwardly and outwardly. Fear of Allah and fulfill your Oath, your promise. Thus Allah commands you that you may remember. Accordingly Allah command you that you may be righteous (you have to deal justly and rightly with the people. you are apt to think too much of your selves and forget (the people) others.”

The attention here is called to the straight way, the right way, the way of Allah, the only way that leads us to righteousness, thus Allah command you that you be righteous”


Yahya related from Malik from Yahya ibn Sa’id that he had heard that Abdullah ibn Abbas said:“Stealing from the spoils does not appear in a people but that terror is cast in to their hearts.Fornication does not spread in a people but that there is much death among them. A people do not lessen the measure and weight but that provision is cut off from them.A people do not judge without Right but that blood spread among them.

A people do not betray the pledge but that Allah gives their enemies’ power over them. [Muwatta]
“On the day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions” our leaders must understand that and change their behavior and conduct” Allah said, O my people why ye hasten on the evil before the good. The evil doers’ own injustice was bringing on their disaster”
Mr. President and Chairman Suleiman, The right way, the moral thing and the responsible thing to do is either hold the national elections on time as agreed upon or respect the expiration date of your term in office and let a provisional national government take over which her mandate will be to hold the over due elections.
Do not destroy this country which is just recovering from the destructions Siyad Barre regime inflected upon it. This will give Somaliland people and friends of Somaliland a sigh of relieve. It will also safe you from the wrath of the people and that of Allah. It is upon the two cousins who happened to hold the two highest offices of the land to grow up and stop the executive to join the exclusive club of the illegitimates.

Let us honor the blood and the treasure paid for this country. Let us keep the peace and stability of Somaliland and that of the region and lastly be kind to your legacy and your selves here and hereafter


How ever peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Executive Director