Terror Attacks on Somaliland in Different Place: Mogadishu

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Terror attacks hit unfamiliar target, a meeting place for Northerners or Somalilanders in one’s perspective. It was the deadliest attack targeted for job seekers who refused to die in Med Sea and with some officials mainly from Somaliland. Somaliland is so far suicide free since Riyale left office who failed to sign “a marriage of convenience” with clean rational mullahs to calm down like our great leader Silanyo did. Our safety is so important no matter how it came if through bribery or not. But the odd observation is that Ali Waran’ade who “welcomed” the death of the ringleader the poor Godane whose live smashed to pieces when Hellfire descended upon his “mechanized” car, seem to be tireless spanner from holdover and instrumental in crashing terrorism during President Riyale still functioning lifelessly.

Serving Hirsi whom was once chased out for arming militia of his clan to take over the country. But all of a sudden, Hirsi and Sheikh Samale and Mr Warana’de, good name though, are strange bedfellows and ‘brethren” did Warana’ade repent from his past sins or simply tireless spanner 12 serving all regimes regardless? He’ll be Wadani party minister if they win!

Mogadishu residents however accused us of masterminding the suicide to return our Deputy Prime Minister and his “fugitive” group— terribly sorry for all victims—because it was the height of brutality and insane act to begin with.

Many youth who came to the mosque not to pray but to primarily meet the deputy prime minister to ask for jobs as there’s no life in Somaliland at the all perished, RIP.

The investigation is ongoing, hopefully it won’t be associated with Somaliland by any way be the mastermind or the perpetrator. Keep your fingers crossed. If this attack one way or other is attached to Buroa or Hargiesa, that’s the end of Somaliland, I am not talking about Somalilander living in the UK or else. Earlier the UK government forewarned imminent attacks in Somaliland and evacuated all British nationals.

Somaliland is no go-area for the Westerns THUS NO NEED NO FOR ELECTIONS implicitly no recognition as well .More woringly, Djabouti closed shared border with Somaliland to stop floods of ***roris*s However our Religions(Sufi, Wahabi, Shiit, and etc) ministers Khalil disdains “Yemen and Syrian and Darfurian or North Korean tourists will come inshallah or God willing. Blessings will come with Yemen because ximkayamaniya, cash would pour” infidels are not good people in the first place. I agree with him.