A Tribute to a Somaliland Giant – AbdiHamid Mahmoud Omer

Life is so opulent and rewarding but cut short by death. While there are no guarantees in life, Abdi hamid Mahmoud Omer has passed away in a suicide bomb attack at Mogadishu Central hotel in Friday while he was fulfilling his Friday prayer. This misfortune was devotedly felt by the young people and was mourned as such all over the Somaliland. Still I couldn’t get over Abdiham’s death and we felt the pain of his death always. May Allah give him his bless and remains his souls in the paradise.

He came to spend a few days with his friends and relatives in Hargeisa. In the afternoon of Wednesday, February, 18 2015; I had the chance to meet him in Sun Hotel shortly before his return to Mogadishu. I recall his last words, “we have to work life hereafter, because we don’t know when we will test death”. This is the last words to Abdihamid’s life.

Abdihamid was well-known to humanitarian sector as a Head of ARC projects in Somaliland/Somalia, and also one of the American Refugee Council’s international staff, prior to that he rose through the ranks of his profession in his native Somaliland, starting out intern at Action Aid, Project Officer at Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), before joining Safe the Children as a Scott Project Manager in 2011. Abdihamid was driven, passionate and determined in his pursuit of excellence. He was a self-critical achiever who was open to feedback of any sort. He was a founding member of Somaliland National Youth Umbrella (SONYO) and a board member in 2004/2005.

Abdihamid’s remarkable life is summarized here; Abdihamid was born in Gabiley in 1982. He finished his primary & intermediate school from imam Shaafici at gabiley in the year 2000, and then joined Tima’ade secondary school. He was one of the brightest students and always number one in his secondary exams at Tima’ade and number two at the national general secondary certificate exams in Somaliland 2004.

Abdihamid moved to Uganda got a scholarship offer from UNESCO. He took his first university degree of Social Work and Social Administration at Kampala International University, where he was the chairman of Somaliland Student Union in Uganda. Abdihamid also graduated from Institute of peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) in University of Hargeisa with a postgraduate in peace & conflict management. After many years of working his career, he resigned his job at Safe the Children and went to European Peace University in Austria, where he gained a Masters in Peace & Conflict Studies.

Haven spent many years, I remember Abdihamid his critical thinking and that made me proud to be my fellow mentoring. His voice was unique, his questions sharp and intelligent I knew he was a good for the religion which reflects in his behavior of stillness, kindness, compassion, and a person of practical faith. Abdihamid was brilliant and role model in the education, used to be honest, leader, trustful, sociable and likable person, he had the kind of personality that we will not forgetting him forever.

Abdihamid had a close friend with the poor, spending 10 percent of his salary in charity. He was also sharing and sitting with youth by inspiring them, he will be remembered for bringing hope where there was despair, bringing joy where there was sadness, bringing light where there was darkness.

Finally, Abdihamid’s death was a great loss to the entire nation where he used to work for with his knowledge. Abdihamid’s life and work is an unforgettable model, sure to leave great lessons on how a decent and honourable life should be lived in a hard path. His absence will leave a void that will not be easily filled. And the fact that he had passed away does not mean he departed from our lives. The passage of time has not healed our hearts and as life and memory last, we will remember you and you will remain deep in our living memories for the rest of our lives. May Allah bring back more of his kinds who relay the footsteps of this young and intellectual hero that we let pass. Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of Abdihamid Mohamoud Omer and my Allah grand him the leisure of Janatul Fardows, Ameen, and Ameen


Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman ( Oday)

Email Address: boonfcs@gmail.com