Somaliland: Committee representing at the talks in Turkey hold discussions

The committee that is in charge for the Silanyo led government to represent at the talks with Somalia have met today to discuss on major issues that they will put on the table when they meet with their Somalia counterparts in Turkey on Feb 28.

The press were banned to attend but once the gathering ended, Foreign affairs minister Mr. Mohamed B. Yonis has spoken to the media and said that they talked about the agenda that they carry to the negotiation tables.

Mr. Bihi has said that they raised on points that have been implemented and those that did not.

The Minister has reminded that both sides expressed their commitment not to undermine and that all aid should not be politicized.

He added that they consulted with ministers and European parliament on the issues that they will raise with Somali counterpart at the talks.

The Minister said that hopes are high that the forthcoming talks will produce tangible outcome.