SOMALILAND: When Conscience Muted and Shame Come To a Close

Ibrahim M Mead



They destroyed the institutions of the country one after the other. Both the houses and the executive branch stand for their own interest. The terms of the houses have expired long time ago and they still collect their salaries! The executive will die after June 2015 but they don’t care! They shamelessly live on the back of the poor people and enjoy it

Also the character and the integrity of the people changed with them where by people do not distinguish the good from the bad and the right from the wrong! One my wonder if the ruler and the ruled still suffer traumas resulted from the wars against the genocide regime of Siyad Barre. The feelings surrounding trauma If not addressed, can persist and impair judgment and in effect freeze people into destructive patterns of behavior, including corruption, self-centered behavior and complete lack of understanding of the consequences of their deceptive actions regarding the well fair of the state, the cohesion of the people and the future of the country they run.


Yesterday and to day

We were selling the right product before we sold Somaliland Soul, Character and Conscience. We were selling- PCD.Participatory and Consultative Democracy supported and backed by United Communities who made possible the peace and the stability we refer every time. We packaged that product not only for the local market but for the out side markets as well. What we did not understood was that this package was subject to constant Review, Renewal and Improvement. We did not do that. Reeyal’s administration weakened it, however the fatal below came from Siilanyo’s administration. They threw away the whole package and instead created an oligarch government instead! With this transformation from the government of the people and for the people to an oligarch government, died the institutions of government. For example the Parliament and the long time expired Guurti are not only illegitimate because their term expired but they conspired with the executive branch they were supposed to watch their excess The Guurti is there to renew the terms of the legislative and the executive while the executive renews the terms of the Guurti. Scratch-my-back I-will-scratch yours! That is the sad, sad situation Somaliland is now. They made Somaliland their cash cow.

The people collectively are partly responsible of this failure of governance and this crisis of leadership we are experiencing in Somaliland because of the demons we worship and that are tribalism, clanism and cabalism.

It is not that Somaliland people can trust the troubled Siilanyo administration; it is that can the administration trust the people. The author believes that neither the people trust them nor do they trust the people. There is a disconnection and distance between the people and Siilanyo’s administration! The trade marks of Siilanyo’s administration is divide the people, bet one community against the other, disregard the constitution and the laws of the land and do what ever you want. Only a shameless and unconscionable entity could dare do that. The conscience of Siilanyo and associates dimed and fell silent long ago, and shame has died and with it the boundaries between good and evil  got not only blurred but became intertwined with each other until they can not distinguish the evil from the good and visa versa as far as they are concerned!.
Absence of conscience

The right way for a conscionable administration is uniting the people, listen their fears and concerns.  Respect the constitution of the state and safeguard the law of the land.
The wrong way is rejecting Consultation and Corrections when you are wrong all over the place and disregard the law of the land. The unconscionable leaders create conflicts and create situations they claim warrants a reason to extend their life.
Siilanyo’s administration consciously or otherwise played the devilish game from the beginning of his administration to present. Unfortunately that was their choice and as the consequences of that wrong and devilish chose Somaliland became not only isolated from its people and the neighbours but the world as well. It also became the laughing stock of the world. The administration resorts lie and threat instead of confessing their failure, learn from it and then move on.


Imagine if you have no conscience, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you did or do have no sense of concern for the well-being of others, the very people who trusted you to mind their cause!

Imagine when one has no struggles with shame, not a single one in his whole life, even when thousands affected negatively in his evil actions no matter what kind of selfish, harmful, or immoral action he had taken against those who trusted him as their leader!
The conscience of Siilanyo and associates dimed and fell silent long ago, and shame has died and with it the boundaries between good and evil got blurred where you can’t see the difference.

So called elites in Somaliland are not horrified by the blatant and unconcealed manifestations of venom the government propagates in the nation’s media out lets like the national TV. They have become accustomed to them. They do not turn away from shamelessness; On the contrary, they are even attracted by it and give in to its temptation. In the opinion of the alienated people in the know, it seems that we are budding up entire generations of shameless people. They lie, they betray, they misappropriate public funds and properties and find joy in that! With the loss of conscience, with shamelessness, and in the absence of spiritual resistance, the success of evil is not only guaranteed but we see it to believe it in to days Somaliland, even though the doers and the sycophants may dispute shamelessly!


Vladimir Soloviev distinguishes three fundamental feelings which characterize the moral foundation of the individual. These are: shame, compassion, and fear towards what is sanctified. This moral orientation, he writes, permeates all spheres of the personality, including the subconscious. “Shame is a purely human feeling which animals do not possess. There are two stages or gradations of shame: propriety and conscience — propriety as a minimum dose of shame, necessary in society and in general in the company of others; and conscience as real shame, as morality which is present in every living soul if it has not lost it on account of the passions, which is introduced into each soul and assimilated by it.”

Professor Sikorsky maintains that “the erosion of conscience signals the beginning of a general degeneration of all the noblest feelings. Thus, one cannot expect understanding and sympathy from a person who has no conscience. The sense of shame as the most acute indicator is a kind of barometer, for measuring a person’s level of morality, its elevation or debasement”. Sikorsky adds that “a sense of shame, in contrast to other feelings, blinds a person and blunts the activity of the intellect,”
When there was as yet no evil in man, neither was there any shame. Evil, however, is a violation of the harmony between God and man. Sin is a departure from what the heart of man and the command of God call good; it is, furthermore, a voluntary departure. And this voluntary departure of man from God is always connected with shame.
The consequences of sin for man were dreadful. His nature changed: his spiritual eyes were closed, he ceased to understand the true essence of things and, what was most terrible, he ceased to what is shameless has become so ordinary.

What is happening in Somaliland is an absolute insanity. Siilanyo administration run the country to the ground If such unseen shameless situation is not stopped, we are doomed.
In the normal situations when we make a bad choice we view it as immoral, unethical, neglectful, etc: however in the absence of conscience and the absence of conscience is evident here, every thing is normal! When the inner mechanism that strikes us, and tell us to stop doing evil is dead, then we tend to do evil and enjoy it as the case is in Somaliland to day!

Those who have no conscience at all are a group unto themselves.
The presence or absence of conscience is the difference between good and bad.
A man asked the prophet of Allah what was the mark whereby a person might know the reality of his faith. The prophet said, “If you obtain pleasure from the good which you have performed and you are grieved for the evil which you have committed, you are a true believer.” The man said. “In what does a fault really consist?” the prophet said, “When action pricks your conscience, forsake it. “All actions are judged by the motive prompting them. In other wards confess your mistakes, seek forgiveness, don’t indulge the evil you committed, learn from it, and then move on. This part is so difficult for our leaders and political operatives for they don’t confess and grieve for the corruptions, failures and the betrayals they committed against Somaliland cause and case. On the other hand the Siilanyo operatives obtain pleasure from the evil which they have committed, they brag about it instead! This behavior and conduct happens when conscience dims and Shame ceases.

“Think not that Allah does not heed the deeds of those who do wrong. He giveth them respite against a day when the eyes will fixedly stare in horror. They run forward with nicks out stretches, their heads uplifted, their gaze returning not towards them, and their hearts (gaping) void” Wal ciyaadu Billaahi. (Ibrahim, v.42. ch.13)

However peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Director, Somaliland Watch Group

Ottawa, Canada