Somaliland: Rival Sacad Muse Faction Endorse Samaale as Candidacy

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The current Somaliland Finance Minister Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale was today be nominated by the Sacad Muse clan as chose Presidential candidate in a well-attended ceremony held at the Mansoor Hotel this comes days after the ruling party Chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi was declared Clans Favorite.4(208).JPG

An estimated 4000 people attended today’s meeting whereby the current finance minister was declared the clan favorite by a section of the Sacad Muse Agabar Development committee the same committee who also declared the chairman of the “KULMIYE” ruling party last Saturdays.

Sultan Abdurrahman Sacad Sultan Jama one of the traditional leaders speaking at the function said, “We are gathered here today to discuss and decide what is best for our community and this can only be achieved if we put aside our differences and forgive each other and through doing so we can address the problems facing our community.

Sultan Ibrahim Sulub Nuur speaking at the venue said, “The decision of grand sultan and other sultans to support the chairman Muse Bihi Abdi was biased and void because they did not consult with other concerned parties.

“Those Sultans who reached that fatal decision which has divided us (Sacad Muse) lacks the support of the community at large especially the Grand Sultan doesn’t not even have the support of five chief Aqils how can he even think of endorsing someone while he himself lacks the authority to do so”, Sultan Ibrahim Sulub Nuur said.

Sultan Ibrahim Sulub Nuur added, “I would like also to use this opportunity to advise fellow Sultans from other clans to check the facts before jumping into conclusion.

The Sacad Muse development committee last week meeting held at the famous retreat (Summer Time Restaurant) has finally declared the Messer Muse Bihi Abdi as the victor over his clansmen who happen to be senior cabinet minister in the present government the factors below are determinants of his successful race to be the sole clan and hence the ruling party candidate.

During last week meeting ,24 delegates drawn from the Sacad Muse Development voted to choose the next clan favorite to succeed the incumbent President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo as the ruling party candidate when the time comes for him to leave office.

The ensuing vote resulted to 14 delegates voting in favor of the current ruling party chairman the one Muse Bihi Abdi , 4 in favor of the current Finance Minister Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale and 3 in favor of the Foreign Minister Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis , 2 Abstention the chairman didn’t vote.

Sultan Hassan Sultan Abdullah Sultan Abdurrahman the Habr Awal Grand Sultan Hassan speaking during last week meeting said, “I hope and pray this meeting would bring forth desired results for the goodwill welfare of both the community and that of the country at large and that he stood by the decision to choose Hon Muse Bihi Abdi as the successors to President Silanyo when his tenure comes to an end.

The congressional-like meeting is in line with the country’s tradition whereby each community holds their own whenever and wherever they deem fit.

It is the general norm of such traditional meetings to be attended by the traditional leaders, eminent personalities, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and all levels of society of the community in question.

Source: Somaliland Press