There is no room of Terrorism in Somaliland, but Britain risk assessment must be responded

Global security uses helpful case studies to illustrate the key concepts behind the increasing number of non military threats to security of terrorism, piracy and ethnic rivalries of transnational unnecessary crimes around the universe. Nevertheless, the international communities are trying very hard and spend a lot of finance the global security and sustainable stability elsewhere in the world to protect the lives of the people, environments and animals as well.

Britain announced that all it’s national fellows must be out of Somaliland due to eminent terrorism threat that is believed to be potentially hit Somaliland territory where has been or considered one of the secure and the safest places in Africa for the last two decades.

Of course Britain has every rights of protecting the Britons in African countries where risk of terrorism activities operate and has the bad security history in the past or present. But Somaliland is much moderated systematically administration that fully free from all international non governmental body organisations of outlawed.

Somaliland has always carried out risk assessment in order to protect the national interest and the interests of likes of Britain and all western communities citizens work or settle in Somaliland soil. The country has the most sophisticated intelligent agency of having very professional, high techniques and well trained staffs who directly works with their international security partners. With regards to that potential terror threat in Somaliland deems to be very exaggerated and superfluous assessment or reports given by some individuals either against Somaliland existence as nation or damaging the excellent record of peace and stability issues of Somaliland.

The measurement of that source and weight of creditability is very highly concerned by the people of Somaliland. Because there is no room in Somaliland for such terrorism, piracy and conflicts at all, no history of risk surrounded Somaliland soil recorded both in the sea and on the ground. Somaliland people are absolutely British in the heart in accordance with the historical of donkey’s years relations and the profound knowledge Britain has Somaliland territory and its people brilliantly.

Somaliland government and Britain must work together and extremely this recent source that illustrates that there will be plans of terrorism possibly hit Somaliland nation. As many war of propaganda and sabotage often attacked to Somaliland for the opposition of Somaliland free
dom and sovereignty as a nation free from the other republic of southern which is legitimate government that has been recently recognized by very super powerful country which Somaliland nations always respect and wish all the best for them. Of course Somaliland has got their true voice and political believe that no nation or nobody compiled to Somaliland what they abhor to accept!!!

Abdilahi John