Puntland: President Dani appoints new manager for Bosaso Airport

Puntland president Abdullahi Dani has appointed a new manager for Bosaso airport.

Dani appointed Ahmed Said Yusuf Sunday in a decree to head the management of the aviation facility which was upgraded in 2016.

“Following the review of article 80 of the state constitution and consultation with aviation authorities and the need for new management for airport development, I have appointed Mr. Ahmed Said Yusuf as new airport manager for Bosaso Airport,” the decree read in part.

China Engineering and Construction Corporation company (CCECC) completed the upgrade of the facility in early 2016.

According to the authorities during the inauguration of the airport in 2016, the refurbished airport would now have the capacity of to hold 200,000 passengers annually.

A Chinese project manager quoted by Xinhua in 2016 said the airport, ‘meets international standards and has been accepted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and that it is designed as a Class 4E airport which can handle Boeing 737 or equivalent large aircrafts.

Bosaso Airport is alternatively referred to as Bender Qassim International Airport.