the first time in the history of the Somaliland political parties, the Chairman of the Waddani opposition party, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, appoints a known warmonger who is also a traditional leader to head the party’s regional office in the largest region of Somaliland – Sanaag.

It is the first time, too, that a known propagator of clan hostilities is appointed the highest official of a vast region in which resident are many other clans some of whom have supported Waddani before it shed off its national opposition party mantle.

No part, other than Waddani, had mixed traditional leadership with political affiliation before.

‘Boqor’ (King) Faisal Osman Farah ‘Barack’ has never minced words in encouraging adherents to stay on a clan warpath – the same clan the Chairman also hails from.

Boqor Faisal in two of his more recent ‘interviews’ and press conferences aligns himself solidly with the armed militia of army deserter-turned-Somalia-stooge and a clan agenda that shows little or no sympathy for national unity.

Boqor Faisal said on a 31 July 2019 call-in communication with that the ‘weapons Arre has belong to Garhajis’, going on to add that if the government of Somaliland even as so much as tried to neutralize the saboteur that it would be interpreted as a raid on his clan – Garhajis.

Listen to the part covering 2′:14′ and 3′:26″ of the clip below.

In this call-in from the holiest of Islamic places – Mecca – during the Hajj season he equates the ragtag militia of the ex-burglar, later-turned colonel to the national army.

“The two armies should be kept apart. Everyone should go back to where he came from,” he said.

He did not say where the Somalia-equipped militia should go back to: Puntland – where it shifted from or another unnamed destination.

Boqor Faisal’s divisive harangues, which are not necessarily shared by a great majority of his ‘clansmen’, had long earned him shunned notoriety among Somalilanders. That Waddani encourages it to such an extent is not only a blow to the party but to peace and stability in the region as this appointment seems to condone armed strife and civil divisiveness in a society that could do without it.

The Chairman also appointed a known advocate of reunion with Somalia – a stance which goes against the 1991 decision of the nation to extricate itself of a failed, disastrous 30-

The new Waddani representative for Europe and North America, Osman Omar Dool,  still holds, more than one facebook account-holder allege, the Somalia, genocide-tainted blue flag of Somalia higher than the tricolour, contemporary standard of Somaliland’s restored sovereignty.