Somaliland: Minister Interior of Summons representatives of International Organizations to discuss Development and Security

Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Minister of Internal Affairs in his office met with representatives of several partner international organizations based in Hargeisa (DANIDA, DDG, DRC, SAFER WORLD, UNSOM and EUCAP to discuss issues relating to security and development.

Among the issues discussed during the meeting was finding ways of solving the current security situation in Somaliland eastern regions namely Sool and Sanaag by starting dialogue between the warring sides so as to achieve a lasting and sustainable peace and securing access for international humanitarian aid to reach displaced persons.

The minister of Interior further reitarted Somaliland committed to sustainable development and to increasing stability and security in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

The international organizations on their part promised to start delivering international assistance, through development projects and job creation for people living those regions.

Years of consecutive drought have spiralled nomadic communities in Somaliland eastern regions into a devastating food crisis. But the unprecedented drought has caused most – if not all – of their camels, sheep and goats to die and, with them, their livelihoods.