Peaceful Tomorrows- Let us promote peace in Sanaag

To get us started on the topic of promoting peace in ElAfweyn. Let us look to what may seem at first to be an unlikely source for brotherhood, leadership and inspiration – from the beaches of Heis, Maidh and LaasQoray to the mountains of Al-Madow to Ban-Ade plains. The Multi-communal hub Sanaag was divided by the Somali civil war. But the situation in the region has been relatively calm and disputes are often successfully mediated locally before they can escalate. Many thanks to reconciliation efforts by Sanaganians themselves.
But this time things looks ever so different. As communities are responding with a violent and the revenge is in order for both sides.
Somaliland has never been so young and it is getting younger every day. With over 75% of the population. The development of Somaliland society doesn’t all depend on how well it nurtures and support its young women and men but also how well youth contribute to their communities.
NOW, it’s vital to engage Somaliland youth into peace building. Somaliland youth need to challenge the Government, Political parties , clan elders and the entire Somaliland, with their own views and contribution. As they welcome everyone to join in their conversations toward mutual understanding, called #PeacefulTomorrows. Youth and adults across the Somaliland and the world will join in these calls to discuss ways to make our country safer and to live together in peace.
In sum, peace enriches our communities and individual lives, Somaliland youth will embrace peace and see a way forward through mutual support with those who have been enemies, we can all find that path, whether in our Sanaag communities or across Somaliland.
Samir Dualeh, co-founder of Inspire Group, and a former advisor to the Somaliland government and a social entrepreneur and journalist with a background in economics and administration.
Samir Dualeh, co-founder of Inspire Group and a social entrepreneur and journalist with a background in economics and administration.