Sool Conflict Will Not End While Somaliland Remains In The Region, Threatens Puntland’s DP

Puntland Deputy President Abdihakin Abdullahi Omar, who is touring the town of Buuhodle in the disputed region of Sool region, has declared that their administration is committed to sustaining the offensive aimed at liberating the town of Tukaraq from ‘occupation by Somaliland forces’.

DP Abdihakin cautioned that the conflict will persist so long as Somaliland continues to occupy parts of Puntland.

He made the remarks following a visit to his hometown of Buuhodle, where he called on local residents to support Puntland by contributing armed men to the state’s security forces.

“As you are aware, two clashes have so far erupted and this will not be the end. Even if the international community tries to de-escalate the conflict, the fact will remain that this war will not stop until Somaliland stops occupying part of the Puntland territory,” he affirmed.

The two administrations continue to trade threats with each side accusing the other of fomenting the conflict.