Somalia: Al-Shabaab amputates hands of two men accused of theft

Alshabaab militants amputated  hands from two men accused of theft in Kunya-Barow town of Lower Shabelle region on Thursday evening.

The group said Mohamed Mohamed Hassan (54) and Hassan Mohamed Yussuf (45) were convicted of breaking into a shop and stealing Somali Shilling 17,670,000 ($883).

The right hands of the men were amputated by a dagger-wieldering Alshabaab militant.

Hundreds of locals gathered to witness the amputation which was announced on Wednesday by the militants using loudspeakers mounted on vehicles.

The punishments carry out by the group include execution by fire squads, stonning to death, hand and leg amputation and flogging in public.

Alshabaab which was ejected from Mogadishu in 2011 by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) wants to overthrow Somali government.

The group carried out several deadly attacks across Somalia which claimed lives Somali people.

Somali government accused the militants of carried out the deadliest attack in Mogadishu since the inception of the militant group in 2006.

The heinous truck bomb attack on 14th October last year killed over 500 people mostly civilians