President Siilaanyo bids adieu to his cabinet of ministers to usher in today’s new government

The outgoing president of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud “Siilaanyo, Tuesday, paid farewell to his cabinet of ministers in order to pave the way for a new government taking the reins from him today, Wednesday, at the Presidential Palace.

President Siilaanyo thanked his loyal lieutenants at the helm of the government for the devotion to country, selfless input as ministers and vice ministers serving under him for the seven years he led the nation.

The Kulmiye government the president led won over UDUB’s Dahir Rayale Kahin in 2010 after waiting a seven-year extended term Mr. Kahin reigned which came on a concession of defeat by Mr. Siilaanyo on a mere 80-vote difference between him and Mr. Rayale in 2003.

The President himself has been paid a courtesy visit to thank him and pay him a deserving adieu by prominent traditional leaders on Tuesday.

President Siilaanyo’s government has oft been dubbed as the government of development and accelerated progress as, on the other side of the scale, its opposition and detractors contended that it was the most over-bloated, most corrupt administration ever to take the top seat.

The outgoing government of Somaliland has doubtlessly set the record for many ‘firsts’ which included the first not to run for a second, lawful term and the first to give equal broadcasting space to opposition parties during the recent election campaign.

At today’s handover ceremony, three Somaliland presidents will be present: the third, the fourth and the fifth – the only three alive of five presidents who headed the Republic of Somaliland since 1991 and its restoration of its independence.

The Vice Presidents of the first, second and the third – Hassan Essa Jama, Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, and Ahmed Yussuf Yassin, respectively, will also be present at the inauguration ceremony along with delegations from the EU, UK, and from neighboring countries.