The Newly Hope Appeared in Somaliland

Great privileges send you Mr. President Congratulation. Advices and good cooperative information headed for the contemporary success of the Somaliland’s president for the coming five years. An entirely Somaliland people have been participated both the election and the winning results announced by the NEC, and the people and the parties applauded the results that has been congratulate the winner Kulmiye party and the President and Vice-President candidates.

Mr. President Kulmiye party has been administrated the county for the past seven years whether they took disparaging steps or fruitful steps and the political history articulates and exposes the reality on the ground, now it’s timeframe has been concluded positive and win-win solutions after the election.

Dear Mr. President after won the election held on 13 nov  2017 whole population in Somaliland celebrated together in a one nation while the celebration happened all the regions and congratulated each other, the most noteworthy that anticipated the Horn of Africa and the rest of World were the democratic roots of smooth transparency and fair elections the self-governed country that recognized its own independent government conducted and elected 5th new president of Somaliland representing the people’s votes and their desires.

Dear Mr. President as world and Somaliland identified the total vote percent Kulmiye Party won will historically in Somaliland due to over vote 55% enlarged out of the total votes. The countless percent results reproducing more expectations and strong deep changes take place the whole country and system government. Nowadays, Somaliland experienced different circumstance situation that dealing with punitive and strange era towards the lives, food security, strong inflation, scattered corruption, weak administrations government, business justices, tribalism, lack of transparency and accountability, power lost, healthy business and monopoly system, business education. Those up repulsive issue floating the whole government systems while the people could not voice up their own rights coz the system concealments self-interests manipulated, whether people demonstrate or silent are same and it would not bring up sustainable solutions and safe live environment.

Dear Mr. President during days of campaign there were strong inspiration quotes wrote the campaign banners that exemplify the real behavior and the candidate’s objectives such as:

  • The law is our promises
  • Today is better than tomorrow
  • The decision maker leader
  • We are going forward
  • Promises on sustainable social development sectors

Those up quotes and campaign songs were circulated throughout the country that remains the peoples mind to perceive the results and outcomes of their finger votes whether still walking dark environment or smile meets bright future. The past political of Somaliland was creeping and immovable plans although the system grasped the majority stage of politics and the approach process of political leaders took were inversely to the people’s wishes and longings that couldn’t adheres the constitution law and policy planned.

Dear Mr. President the homegrown people of Somaliland became BLINDER whose lives jungle with a lot of hunters, large buildings, long roads with a lot of trucks, they could not afford to guard and safe their lives and identifiable property,

Lastly the day innocent people of Somaliland coming up a long period touched in order to transform the whole desperate system government and their internal predators. The political disaster  concealments  the system was looked-for a trustworthy and tough leadership that can bring it back the people’s moral that reinstate the stability and good governance, those reasons overdue the people’s vote chosen the other runner candidates centered on the criteria and characters of strong leadership.

Dear Mr. President the people of Somaliland has eagle-eyed lights of hope and dreams of changes that they attainment retrieval and moral recuperations towards sustainable system government, safe lives and fully filled people’s needs and desires. Luckily, Mr. President Muse Bihi appeared the one’s whose well-matched current severe period that could implement and exercise the power positively of the government and the people Entitled “the new hope appears in Somaliland”.

The human body comprises of 11 organs that work together, while one organ cannot work alone and the rest of body organs cannot work without it. If those organs functioning well they produce complete Organism if one of them weak or damage it immediately necessitates diagnosis and get recovery.  for instantly, the government system matching  like human body while the ministries represents the organs, if the ministries couldn’t work together effective and efficiency automatically the government system paralyze and immediate necessities for changes.  Mr President make ensure the all-inclusive government system mandates, roles and responsibilities, functions of transparency and accountabilities, power system, work hours, capacity building, staff work experiences, work environment, logistic and procurements, constitution policy and staff policy hiring. All those things should sources good changes and protect the system towards any kind of activities that would not abide the policy law and the constitution.

Dear Mr. President the system awaiting you  made up of wide number of ministries, executives, commissions and other indirect stakeholders that are mouthfuls the system’s blood and buried it. The restoring of people’s hope directly proportional to the kulmiye party Manifesto policy system and policy plan. The optimisms of fresh government system should compose the following types of knowledgeable Ministries, eminence of Executives, the short numbers of the Government, the national framework plan, work commitment and the selection criteria based on qualifications and experiences.  The people of Somaliland recognized and aware the substantial tasks fronting the New Elected President including external momentums towards the position nomination and  key ministries, only concise government could not bases a tangible change but the leader’s policy plan commitments and hiring cabinets could do it.

Dear Mr. President as a people of Somaliland would like to share vital recommendations concerning constrain that require stabilization and the restriction of any kind positions/activities violating the new hope born in Somaliland Government:

  • The government should not be comprised over needs or a lot of figures in order to discharge waste management.
  • The criteria of selection should be prioritizing the qualifications and experiences of titles.
  • The youth of Somaliland should be juncture the selection of key position as you declared the manifesto plan.
  • Develop business and job opportunities to the youth and educated groups.
  • Anti-corruption commission should empower and make available capacity building in order to sidestep any possible varieties of corruptions.
  • As President you should trustworthiness implement the promises and plans as prioritizing.
  • The constitution must be respect prior and the law works effectively in order to law become up.
  • Non-government commissions necessity obligate prior all the legal and law supporting documents including mandates, roles and responsibilities before the commission nomination.
  • Review the entire seats revolted the power and policy that promote the power lost, corruption and do no harm activities.
  • Detach diverse administrations and power abuses exercised in the system.
  • The new approach system must have to have strongly new plan deals with existing inflations.
  • Empower the people of Somaliland integration and their stability.
  • Ensure open up chains restricted appropriate persons the ruling places and executives in order to repudiate low level and weak qualifications joining the system.
  • Demolishes tribalism and empower people’s unifications and connections.
  • Empower gender and the system should stimulate the ongoing gender political participations and joining the system as you designated the kulmiye Manifesto.
  • Habitually follow-up and monitor activities and projects effectiveness and efficiencies implementing by the Government.
  • Aware the internal conflicts continuously blowup the government system and the constitution negligence bygone government adopted and challenged over and done with unabridged administration terms.

Dear Mr. President lastly but not least the firsthand initiatives of the upcoming government have to organize time and schedules to overhear a consistent way (by conference, meeting or telephone) to obtain the people of Somaliland their problems, conflicts and essentials regarding the justices and laws, government public services and issues relates the Taxa that fluctuating time after time, while sometimes creating confrontation and burst out conflicts causes bloodshed and insecurity.  Re-building people’s trust have been lost during miscarriage political plan exploded the country, now the election votes to Mr. President Muse Bihi should provide full recovery the spot damages of mistrust that remained throughout the people and wipe-out the other scattered issues.

“If there a wolf lives in the Jungle You the only wolf who survived bigger hunters”

We Pray the New Elected President Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and Re-Elected Vice-President Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Saylici.


Name:  Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi (Abdikadir Wadaad yare)

Education: MSc Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Title:  Conflict Analyst and Free Writer

Political Party: Strong Kulmiye Party Supporter

Tell: + 252 634453327 / 0634249612

Borama, Somaliland