South Africa: Armed thugs kill two Somali nationals in Johannesburg

Armed South African thugs have killed two Somali nationals in Johannesburg, the latest in a string of attacks against Somali business community in South Africa.

The victims who were identified as Omar Salad and Liban Salad were killed on Wednesday night after gunmen raided their business premises in Johannesburg town, according to a colliegue, Mohamed Ali Geeddi.

“About twelve armed men attacked the shop, they asked the attendants money before they gunned down the two,” Gedi explained.

Xenophobia attacks against foreign nationals in South African have been rampant in recent months.

Over 1,900 business people have been killed and seriously injured since 2008.

Somali community in the country has accused South African government of not taking a proper action in defending their rights and often let perpetrators walk free.