Galmudug, Ahlu Sunna talks to kick off in Djibouti

The second phase of IGAD brokered peace talks between Galmudug state and Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a will be opening on Monday in Djibouti.

A delegation led by Galmudug president, Ahmed Duale Haaf on Sunday reached Djibouti ahead of possible power-sharing talks.

During these talks, sides are expected to ratify a lasting peace pact aiming at uniting the factions in central Somali regions following years of repeated disputes.

Moderate Islamists of Ahlu-Sunna leader has previously arrived in Djibouti in preparations for the forthcoming meetings with the Galmudug administration.

Somali government is also expected to send officials from Interior ministry who will be attending at the meeting. The meeting comes barely a week after similar one was held in Nairobi city, ending successfully.

Somali government had several times held talks for the sides to bury the hatchet but collapsed following tough conditions presented by the two sides.

Ahlu-Sunna which controls  Dhusamareb, the designated capital of Galmudug wants equal power sharing process with the Gal-Mudug administration

Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna had engaged in violent clashes in the past.