I would like to send my warmest greetings to President-elect.You have indeed shown resilience and determination for taking over the highest office of the nation. May the lord, the almight Allah help you lead Somaliland to the promised land of peace and prosperity. For ambitious leader, there are many obstacles to success. The journey to better Somaliland is often a lonely one.Suldans, cheifs and business men knocking your door telling that generosity becomes a liability beyond elections and It is like a nuclear bomb in Somaliland politics.

Hopes are initially high that the newgovernment would build a different kind of state. But hundred of problems will confront you their diversities and multitudies. Mr. President we expect setting targets of development and building institutions that will genuinely serve the interests of Somalilanders where rule of law to be a pillar of state policy.The starting point of development should be the people.

Many Somaliland people lack access to clean water, education and health.Thousands struggle to make the daily bread. And more of our people in every corner of Somaliland may never get a decent meal for the whole day, severe drought affected most of populations and left nothing to survive, inflation became a daily reality and people are desperate in mounting all aspects of life necesities.

The magnitude of need in Somaliland is a great, but accountability, transparency, responsibility, equity and the rule of law are what people expecting from you.Mr. presedent people are waiting to form a small high quality government where the right person is in the right position and representation is not based on clans but education with strong morals, ethics and complete honesty. Interestingly, if you do this people will admire your presidencybut many more probably ready to come against it due to resistance to change because of their power-hungry nature.

Opportunists forgotten that you are practised politician who rolls back his political foundation. Mr. President you closed the door of your office and resident where queue politicians who value their pockets knocking the door even in the dead of the night asking for positions, contracts and favors. Told them that people behind you and your successes/failures will be counted from the day in the office.Truth must be told, Group dominance is a true reflection of what is currently happening in the country.


History is for us to learn from the past and not to repeat the same mistakes once again. Mr. President, don’t forget the hard lesson that passing in Somaliland where group of constracts ( Opportunists) took the key influence positions in the government and create a political space for their followers demand in the name of the clan to the government portfolios by changing the way people value to form a small high quality governement. Many ministries, DGs and head of government agencies came to this group’s political formula. They set of practices for domination based on partisan interests that began with the internal takeover and run most of the government duties. Groups, Groups Groups, Never allow them to decieve you!

The majority of Somaliland’s population is below the age of 30 years constituting 75 percent of Somaliland’s entire population. This poses rasping challenges including chronic unemployment. Youth are the key to Somaliland continuation and were players in and advocates of social transformation and development in many spheres of life. They make an essential contribution to today’s societies and prepare a better future for the coming generations. Today’s young people are more considerably educated and high expectations of better life than the old generation.

Somaliland can achieve better future, if the new governments develop job creation plans in to their development frame work. And that is the only way to tackle job unemployment existing in our country. A substantial focus to be placed on kick-starting Somaliland’s economies that have experienced at minimal growth in the last years. This will entail creating comprehensive, integrated and coherent macroeconomic view and employment policies that will benefit young people through job creation in the formal labor market.


And in conclusion, we hope that  with the help of the Somaliland citizens you will leave lasting legacy. May Allah, the almighty bless you today, tomorrow and hereafter.


Written by : Farhan Abdi Suleiman ( Oday)

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Phone: 063 4401132