Somalia: Hirshabelle president to appoint the upcoming cabinet from outside state Assembly

Hirshabelle president, Mohamed Abdi Waare and the state lawmakers inked agreement to appoint the new cabinet from outside.

38 of the current ministers appointed by ousted president of Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Osoble were selected from the Assembly.

In recent weeks, MPs were at loggerheads with the president over the methodology to select the new state ministers.

Following delebrations held in Johar town, Hirshabelle deputy president, MPs and the speaker agreed to give the leader enough time to select the cabinet.

Waare promised to form his cabinet in the forthcoming hours.

“I will make sure to come up with inclusive cabinet which will be selected through transparency and equality. I will try to conclude the appointment in the shortest time possible,” said Waare.

Earlier, the president said the number of his cabinet minister will be less than the previous but that will be contrary to the wish of clans wanting to see their candidates in the list of the upcoming  ministers.

Ware was elected president of Hirshabelle state in the middle of September 2017 after his predecessor was removed from the office through impeachment motion.