Kenyan security agencies on high alert as Alshabaab plans to retaliate

Security agencies have been placed on high alert in areas near Kenya’s border along Somalia following credible intelligences on Al-shabaab group which is plotting to carry out deadly attacks in the country.

According to security agencies, the group is mapping attacks in Mandera and Lamu counties where the group had set up footholds for the past four years.

Kenya’s anti-Terrorism Police Unit and National Intelligence Service confirmed the plot ,saying the group sent some of its fighters to areas in Somalia near Kenya’s border to carry out attacks.

The Kenyan forces will enhance security patrols along the border with Somalia to prevent incursions of the militants.

The Intelligence report said the terror group is on mission to hit several areas with the aim to cause fear among the citizens.

Mohamed Salah, Northeastern regional coordinator confirmed the move saying the government will deploy troops to beef up the security of border areas.

“Though there are no imminent attacks right now but the militants always have a plan which they try to implement when pressure is inserted on them inside Somalia,” said Salah.

Saalah said group weakened after Somali forces launched counteroffensive attacks against them.

“The group is dispersing to different areas to get safe hide out. Therefore they will try to cross the porous border,” he noted.

Alshabaab has carried out retaliation attacks in Nothereastern and Coast regions since Kenya sent its troops to Somalia.

Early this month, the militants attack police vehicles escorting passenger’s bus between Borehole and Dhabacity villages. The attack robbed lives of twelve police officers with two police Land-Cruisers were destroyed in the area.