Somaliland: Ruling Kulmiye rally’s party supporters ahead of election

Taageerayasha Xisbiga Kulmiy ee Burco

Residents of Burao came out in force today to show their support for the ruling party “KULMIYE” and the Presidential aspirant Honourable Muse Bihi Abdi.

KULMIYE’s supporters in their thousands demonstrated their support for the second day of the presidential election campaign in the town’s public grounds.

The ruling party “KULMIYE”Presidential aspirant Honourable Muse Bihi Abdi flanked by top party officials, ministers, parliamentarians, and regional party officials.

Honourable Muse Bihi Abdi speaking at rally in Burao where thousands of supporters turned up to listen said, “The current government led by President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo has in the past seven years achieved so much and since then Kulmiye campaign pledges have been completed.

Among those addressing the campaign rally were the party’s regional chairman Hon Hassan Mataan, Minister of Public Works, Hon Hassan Cali Mohamed (Cali Marexaan), Minister of National Planning Hon Mohamed Ibrahim Qabyo, Minister of Information. Osman Abdilaahi Saxardiid Adaani,Minister of State for Health . Mahmud Jama Galaal, Hon Said Elmi Rooble MP, Abdirashiid Hassan Mataan, Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale among many.