Somaliland: TELESOM Unveils New Cloud based Service

TELESOM, one of the leading telecommunication companies known for its innovation on the 15th of August 2017 unveiled the new TELESOM cloud service, a next-generation cloud computing platform that is the first fully virtualized private data center offering aimed at enterprise customers and at the same time donating 10 computers equipped with the new cloud services to 10 public owned schools at a ceremony held at the Hotel Mansoor, Hargeisa.

Among the dignitaries attending the event were Somaliland Minister of Posts and Telecommunication, Minister of Technology, Research and Coordination of the House of Representative and Guurti, Head of the National ICT agency, representatives from the Somaliland industrial sector, IT companies and members of the public.

Mr. Abdiwahab Maah, Head of TELESOM Public Engagement and Director of CSR speaking during the unveiling of the new service said, “TELESOM one of leading telecommunication company known for its innovations and keeping up with latest world technology trends. TELESOM was the first telecommunication company in the country to introduce GSM, internet and has managed to introduce ZAAD digital currency transfers and enabling our esteem customers to access the various services. Today, we gather here to witness for the first time the unveiling of the new TELESOM CLOUD SERVICE,” he said.

Mr. Mahmoud Abdirahman Gadhyare, Head of TELESOM commercial and international cooperation department speaking during the occasion elaborated on the benefits of the new cloud services in which he said, “This new service, allows customers to safely store their important personal data online. TELESOM just like ZAAD is ready to provide a low-cost, highly-durable and highly available storage service for infrequently accessed data, data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery. Storage, web-hosting, server hosting, Buck-up and application development. Eng. Ali Dahir, Chairman of Somaliland ICT agency speaking during the event said, “The new Cloud service is essential for media, higher learning institutions (universities), businesses and most of all governments and private agencies.

Hon Ahmed Haji Dahir, Minister of Posts and Telecommunication speaking during the occasion said, “I am happy to see TELESOM is playing a great role as one of the leading telecommunication company in the country is contributing through its innovations and technology is benefitting Somalilanders in keeping up with latest world technology trends.