Somaliland: MP Rayte becomes 5th politician from eastern Somaliland to return to Kulmiye from Waddani

MP Ibrahim Jama Ali Rayte, announced his return to Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, on Wednesday, after being a member of the opposition for the past five years.

Rayte announced his return to the party during a ceremony welcoming the visit of Kulmiye Presidential Candidate, Musa Bihi Abdi in Rayte’s constituency of Dayah, Sanaag. Rayte did not go into detail about his departure from Waddani, as many of those were present in the venue already knew the reason why.

Rayte left Kulmiye in 2012 due to strained relations with then-Presidential Affairs Minister, Hersi Ali Haji Hassan.

He then joined RAYS, a political organization that was competing for official party status during the 2012 nationwide municipal elections.

After RAYS failed to meet the threshold for party status, Rayte joined Waddani, after the new party placed second in the nationwide vote and became the main opposition party.

After joining Waddani, Rayte became a strong critic of Hassan and his role within President Silanyo’s government and rose through the ranks to become one of the most popular Waddani politicians from eastern Somaliland.

After Hassan joined Waddani in 2016 following his fall out with the Silanyo government, he was instantly named party leader, much to Rayte’s dismay.

Rayte and many other politicians from eastern Somaliland who left Kulmiye because of Hassan, reportedly felt betrayed by Hassan’s welcoming and began to distance themselves from the party.