Somaliland’s new House Speaker receives warm welcome in Las Anod

Somaliland’s new Speaker of the House of the Representatives, Bashe Mohamed Farah, arrived in Las Anod on Thursday to large crowds of supporters.

Farah’s visit to Las Anod comes less than a week after he beat opposition MP Abdirahman Mohamed Talyanle by one vote to become the new Speaker of the House.

The election caused a dispute between pro-government and opposition MP’s after Talyanle rejected the results of the election and declared himself Speaker of the House.  Last week, Farah narrowly escaped an assassination attempt outside the parliament building by a MP from Talyanle’s camp.

Farah’s visit to Sool and Sanaag also coincides with the commencement of voter ID distribution in the regions. Farah, and other heavyweight Kulmiye politicians hailing from Sool and Sanaag will be touring the regions to encourage Kulmiye supporters to pick up their voter ID cards.