Somaliland: Save the Children’s Country Direct cuts the ribbon for rehabilitated borehole in Illinta with the Ministry of Finance

Save the Children Country Director for Somaliland/Somalia Mr. Hassan Nour Saadi and the Finance Minister of Somaliland Her Excellency Samsam Abdi Aaden officially opened a new borehole and water installation system in Illinta Dhexe. The borehole was drilled jointly by Somaliland Ministry of Finance and Save the children did the water installation for the village with funds from the German Foreign Office.

Somaliland Representative for Save the Children, Mr. Mukhtar Mohamoud Hassan spoke at the event held in Illinta. He stated that the Ministry of Finance initially drilled the bore hole and approached Save the children to assist in establishing water systems for the community.

“We, as Save the Children has installed the pipes for three kilometers from the borehole to the village, we constructed elevated tank with a capacity of 48 cubic meter (240 barrels or 48000 litres), two animal troughs( one for sheep and for camels) and two water kiosk (one at the tank for nomadic and one at the villages). The elevated tank was constructed on top of the hill so that water is pumped to the village through gravity. Also save the children has replaced with the initial submersible pump installed in the borehole with a bigger capacity 15 KW submersible covering all cost incurred during removal and installation of the new submersible pump.”

The country director of Save the Children for Somaliland/Somalia Mrs Hassan told the community that they are very lucky to have this water today as many communities do not have access to clean water. Hassan advised the community to safeguard this for the long run.

The chairman of Illinta, some elders and women thanked Save the children and Minister of finance in the implementation of this project which they said it come the time they need it.

At the end, the ceremony was closed by the Minister of finance Mrs Samsam Abdi Aden who has mentioned that Save the Children was hugely involved in the drought response in Somaliland as well as well as in overall development of the country.

“When Mukhtar (Area rep) and Hassan (Country director) come on board, Save the Children has done helpful programs for the community. I am congratulating them for the good job they done for Somaliland since they came” Samsams added in her speech.

Finally the ceremony was closed by the Finance Minister and the Country cutting the ribbon of the project.
Save the children is one of the biggest international organization that operate all regions of Somaliland and it implements different projects including health, water, education, skills training, food distribution and child protection projects.