Somaliland: NEC and Leaders of the 3-official National Political Organizations meet to discuss the forthcoming Presidential Election

The National Electoral Commission and the heads of the three-official national political Parties (UCID, WADDANI and KULMIYE) on Tuesday to discuss wide ranging issues among them the issuance of voters registration cards in Togdheer and Maroodi jeh regions.

During today’s meeting, the heads of the three-official national political Parties and NEC officials discussed the forthcoming Presidential elections and their previous experiences in in Sahil, Sanaag, and Awdal region.

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud earlier in the week declared the 13th of November 2017 to be the date for holding the elections to elect the next President and Vice President of Somaliland.

Lastly, the two sides explored and agreed on the way forward in organise an effective and democratic system of representation, order and symbols of respective parties’ ballot papers.