UPDATE: Pentagon confirms U.S. airstrike in Somalia, 8 militants killed

U.S Forces have conducted an airstrike on Al-Shabaab positions in Sakow, 300km southwest of the capital according to a statement by Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White.

The Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo authorized the airstrike just days after vowing revenge against the militant extremists for their deadly attack on a Puntland military base on Thursday.

“Earlier today, I authorized our special forces with the support of our international partners to conduct a strike against an al Shabaab training camp near Sakow,” his statement said.

The President also reiterated his call for militants to take the amnesty offered by the government.

“To the members of Al-Shabaab, I tell you that we are bringing the fight to fight to you. Of you, however, take advantage of my amnesty offer and denounce violence, we will integrate you into our reform program.

It is not yet known what damage the airstrikes have caused, however, the strike targeted “command and supply hubs”, which the President believes will reduce their ability to launch attacks.

“This was a successful strike that destroyed a key Al-Shabaab command and supply hub. This will ultimately disrupt the enemy’s ability to conduct new attacks within Somalia.” The US Africa Command has said in a statement that “current assessments are eight (8) al-Shabaab militants killed in the strike”.