Somaliland: Flydubai donates $100,000 to Somaliland’s drought and AWD victims

Dubai-based carrier Flydubai has donated $100,000 to Somaliland’s national fundraising campaign for the nation’s drought victims and to victims of the AWD (Acute watery diarrhea) outbreak in Eastern Somaliland.

Somaliland’s representative to the UAE, Bashe Awil Haji Omar, announced the donation in a press conference on Thursday.

“Although the drought has subsided, there are still many issues our country is facing. Our representative office in Dubai is currently focused on raising money in order to tackle these issues,” Omar said

“After meeting with Flydubai’s executives, they’ve agreed to contribute $100,000,” Omar said.

According to Omar, the funds will be split evenly. $50,000 will go to the  and the other $50,00 going to hospitals in Eastern Somaliland.

Omar also announced a joint $30,000 donation from two Emirati-based companies that are currently