Somaliland:WHO elected the right person for its Director General position: Dr Moha Farah Jire

Former President of African Journalists for Renaissance said the World health organization elected the right person for its Director General position.

The ex-president Dr. Moha Farah Jire emphasized that the African Union, Ethiopian Diasporas and the entire Ethiopian people were proud of the election of the visionary leader Dr. Tedros Adhanom.

In a statement it sent to WIC from Europe, she  recalled that she along with other friends where  has campaigning  so much for Dr.    Tedros  using their influential media with contents of  his strong personality and friendly hu mor that he is capable to bring people around the world together to enhance health care to all.

Dr. Moha Farah Jire said that those people who supported Dr. Tedros as they though  not only  he is presenting the African continent but he deserve to use all his potential to reform WHO.

Now since the election of Dr Tedros Adhanum there are thousands of Africans specially Ethiopian diaspora who express their happines