Somalia: Uganda announces doubling its troops in Somalia

Kampala: Uganda announced it’s plan to double its troops in Somalia as part of the African Union Mission in Somalia to compact Al-Shabab militants that are associated with Al-Qaida.

Uganda believes it is important that the world seek to diminish al-Shabab militants which associated with al-Qaeda, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said in a statement, considering that the biggest obstacle facing Somalia today is this armed militias that threaten security and stability in the region.

He also announced the decision of Kampala to double the number of troops in the territory of Somalia to fight the militants of this movement there, as it poses a threat to Mogadishu, and to its neighbors as well.

Museveni explained that his country is determined to support Somalia in its war against this armed militants.

The African Union sent a military force in 2007 to maintain peace in Somalia, backed by United Nations and aiming to bring peace to the country.

It was a regional mission to achieve peace in the country after the civil war that killed thousands of civilians and military personnel.

Uganda currently has an estimated 2,700 peacekeeping troops in Somalia.