Somaliland: Rainfall brings minor drought relief in eastern Somaliland

Rain has finally arrived in the drought-stricken areas of eastern Somaliland.

Over the past two days, news of rainfall in Sanaag, Toghdeer, and Saraar regions have flooded social media.

Although a few days of rain is not expected to end the ravaging drought that has plagued Somaliland for the past two years, many are taking the rainfall as a good sign of what is to come ahead.

Cholera outbreaks in Buhoodle and reports of dozens of people dying due to thirst and hunger in Sanaag region had many Somalilanders questioning whether it would be possible to go forward with the Presidential election scheduled for November.

If the rainfall continues, there will be a good chance that the Presidential Election will be held as scheduled.

Below are photos and video of the rainfall in Eastern Somaliland: